My name is imke.

I work as an architect &
graphic designer


During my time at the Chief Government of Architecture (Atelier Rijksbouwmeester) - Floris Alkemade - I worked in a small, but diverse team of architects, urbanists, artists. Together we advised the Central Government Real Estate Agency and relevant Ministries of the Netherlands on the quality of spatial planning.

In this period I worked on several renovation projects, tenders and rejecting projects. These projects varied in scale, significance and consideration. This asked for a different approach in each project which is reflected in the broad activities of my work; from visualisation to feasibility studies of drafting quality standers for tenders. In all these projects I worked with different stakeholders such as clients, municipalities, designers of private investors.
imke van leuken binnenhof

The Hague, The Netherlands

imke van leuken stationsgebied den haag

Station District
The Hague, The Netherlands

imke van leuken indoor farming

Indoor Farming
Zaandam, The Netherlands


imke van leuken vertical slum sao paulo

Vertical Slum
Sao Paulo, Brasil

imke van leuken woonhuis utrecht

Utrecht, The Netherlands

imke van leuken eusebius church

Eusebius Church
Arnhem, The Netherlands

imke van leuken amsterdam light event

Amsterdam Light Event
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

imke van leuken museum of knowledge

Chandigarh, India

imke van leuken MH17 monument

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

imke van leuken trashy housing accra

Trashy Housing
Accra, Ghana


My name is Imke van Leuken (29). In 2013 Imke graduated as an architect at Delft University of Technology. Imke was a very active student, with many secondary activities. During her graduation project she did an extended research on participation design method in developing countries. As her final project she designed, together with a local community, a new housing scheme for the slums in the capital of Ghana.

During her studies, Imke did an internship at Kraaijvanger.Urbis in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here she discovered she loves to work on the area where different scale levels, as architecture and interios, come together.

After her studies Imke worked with several architectural companies. In 2014 Imke had the opportunity to work at the Atelier Rijksbouwmeester (Office of the Chief Government Architect). The renovation of ‘Het Binnenhof’ and the urban planning of the station district in The Hague are some of the major projects she has been working on. Besides her work Imke works as an ambassador for Architecture in Development, showcasing her love for architecture in developing countries.

Imke is an open-minded teamplayer with a pro-active attitude. She has a natural feeling for graphic design, composition, materials and detail, which is clearly visible in her work.

Besides architecture Imke’s greatest passion is travelling the globe. These travels are beautifully captures in her photograhpy.

Take a look at my CV to learn more about my qualities and experience.